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Technical products

In cooperation with electrical engineers we have developed a float switch, and produced the outer circumference of its seal carrier. In the product the main focus was on sealing and the right choice of materials, which were resistant to chemical influences. For producers of steam irons we produced water tanks. For this product we needed a material which[...]


Chemistry is a specific area; all packaging must be 100% sealed. All bottles are tested with an electronic seal device to eliminate bottles with any defect in material or manufacturing process as useless. Bottles from 50 ml to 1000 ml are made of materials that conform to the requirements of the chemical industry: materials must have basic properties[...]


Bottles for cosmetics are produced in different shapes (oval, round, taper, designed for shampoos, cleaning milk, hair dye...). In cosmetics business it is visual effects that count, which means right choice of materials. For the production of cosmetics bottles we use shiny LDPE granules, of pastel colors and with pearl effects, which give the product an[...]


As pharmaceuticals program we offer: jars - containers for tablets or capsules; sealed with temper evident and child resist caps, the volume of 5 ml to 125 ml, made of a material approved for use in the European Pharmacopoeia bottles for disinfectants (spray) bottles with dropper (eye solutions) bottles for tablets (volumes from 15 g to 100 g ta[...]

All products

The range of products is continuously updated with new shapes, as dictated by global design trends. Kovinoplastika Dolčič introduces new materials and technical solutions which customers are constantly seeking. We offer plastic packaging for: cosmetics: shampoos, decorative cosmetics, preparations pharmaceuticals: drops, tablets, anti-skid aggrega[...]