Bottles for cosmetics are produced in different shapes (oval, round, taper, designed for shampoos, cleaning milk, hair dye…).

In cosmetics business it is visual effects that count, which means right choice of materials. For the production of cosmetics bottles we use shiny LDPE granules, of pastel colors and with pearl effects, which give the product an attractive appearance on store shelves.

We offer:

  • decorative cosmetics: mascara of different volumes (5, 8, 13 g) and with printed labels made of thermal foil
  • bootles for shampoo, shower gels, bubble bath, conditioner, hotel shampoo
  • bottles for hair care products (hair dyes, hydrogen, conditioners, strenghtner, scalp emulsion)
  • bottles for sunlotion, sun protection spray
  • bottles for nail polish remover
  • bottles for liquid soap
  • bottles with spray pumps of different shapes, volumes and purposes

Every bottle includes a screw cap, a ratchet cap or a fliptop cap.